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Removable / Hybrid Department Manager: 
Wojciech [Voytek] Sobkowicz


In 2018, Mr. Sobkowicz developed a method of manufacturing full dentures from Valplast and other resins that keeps them flexible, paper-thin, and unbreakable. The material used to create the body of the denture - nylon - is clinically unbreakable, with a lifetime warranty. In addition to full dentures, Mr. Sobkowicz created a way to install implant/attachment matrices in full and partial appliances.

Flexible partials were first developed in the early 1950s. Arpad Nagy of New York commercialized the first nylon-based flexible partial denture system, called Valplast, in 1953. Since then many attempts have been made by numerous dental labs (even by Valplast Corporation itself) to manufacture full dentures made out of injectable nylon without success. unit In 2018 Mr. Sobkowicz developed a successful manufacturing method.


In 2020/2021 Mr. Sobkowicz, isolated in his lab due to the pandemic, continued his R&D passion for innovative solutions in the area of removable prostheses, in particular hybrid appliances. He developed a method to make implant-supported dentures and bridges, screw-retained appliances, All-on-4s, and other hybrids out of injectable, FDA-approved dental resins, keeping them totally unbreakable in the mouth environment. He trademarked the invention.


Heading 1


Same Day Repairs - Call to Schedule

Simple Repairs/Relines - Next Working Day

Valplast Repairs - 1 Day

Cusil Repairs - 1 Day


Flipper (1-3 teeth) - Next Working Day

Acrylic Partial (4 or more teeth) - 5 Days

Acrylic Temps (1-3 teeth) - 4 Days

Acrylic Temps (4 or more teeth) - 6 Days


Bite Blocks - 3 Days

Custom Trays - 3 Days

Set-Up Only Full/Partial - 5 Days

Process & Finish - 5 Days

Teeth Set-up & Finish - 7 Days

Valplast Partial Finish - 5 Days

Valplast Nesbit - 5 Days


Cast Framework with Bite - 9 Days

Cast Framework with Set-up - 10 Days


Bleaching Trays - 5 Days

Essix Appliances - 5 Days

Night Guards - 5 Days

Retainers - 5 Days


Surgical Guide - 7 Days

All-On-X Conversions

Please see below for our step-by-step conversion process. With previous experience with Clear Choice, Voytek will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

2022 DENTURE Fee Schedule .jpg

Do you have a patient that is ready for a conversion case? Please call us today for a consultation at 406-222-5944. 

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