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Aesthetic Oral Arts continue to expand our implant options, offering you the most technologically advanced, highest-quality products available. No matter the complexity or scope of the restoration, our team of highly trained experts is available to help you make the right choice when treatment planning. And thanks to our on-site design and milling department, when you team with Aesthetic Oral Arts you gain the benefits of unparalleled enhanced precision and marginal integrity, all with the consistent and uncompromising quality we've always been known for.


Aesthetic Oral Arts offers capabilities in implant design and manufacturing unrivaled in the industry. Our ability to precision mill custom abutments in-house provides total control over abutment design and manufacture, so you can deliver a final fixed restoration with greater accuracy, consistency, and patient-specific esthetics to your patients. Through advanced training, decades of experience, and creative treatment plans, our technical implant specialists are the trusted resource you need for successful complex cases.

Full Contour Zirconia Restorations

Receive creative, comprehensive treatment plans for even your most complex cases by teaming with Aesthetic Oral Arts. Our IZER full-contour zirconia restorations combine zirconia's renowned strength with screw-retained ease of retrievability and the accuracy of a titanium implant interface. Add to that Aesthetic Oral Art's sophisticated digital design and manufacturing, our proprietary multi-shade process, and our IZER restorations offer nothing short of a revolution in comfort, esthetics, and function across a number of case requirements – from single-unit crowns to multi-unit bridges.

Deliver your patients the best solution to meet their functional and esthetic needs by prescribing full contour Zirconia restorations from Aesthetic Oral Arts today.


At Aesthetics Oral Arts, we are advocates and specialists in digital dentistry. This is why we strongly believe in implant planning software and we are here to help you plan your procedure. By using digital software, the success of your implant placement dramatically increases. Contact Aesthetic Oral Arts to learn more about our options.

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