PFM Restorations

Also known as porcelain fused to metal, these restorations are the most widely prescribed restoration for beautiful smiles.

pfm restoration


  • Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) are the most widely prescribed restorations.
  • AGC, Aesthetic Galvano Crown, 99.9% gold electroformed system for crowns, bridges, and superstructures.
  • Long history of proven performance.
  • Close to natural appearance.
  • Metal occlusion protection.
  • Available as crowns or bridges in high nobel, nobel, or semi-precious.
  • Wide variety of porcelains and metals are available.
  • Porcelain margins provide for more beautiful smiles.


  • Strong and economical restoration.
  • Wide color selection provides a close to natural appearance.
  • Peace of mind provided by PFM's proven track record.


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