What makes us better


Training & Skills

We join forces with our doctors to make their most challenging restorative cases a reverential work of art.

In addition to our partnerships with Pankey, the Dawson Center, and the Kois Center, our team is made up of men and women who mirror your evolving passion for incredible dentistry. You are the boss here; we’re the ones who get it right.


Methods & Techniques

Our proprietary process is meticulous and organized to maximize efficiency and minimize production time. 
To produce beautiful restorations the way you want them, one or two highly skilled professionals are touching your case at all times. This way, we can channel our eye for detail and expertise into your case’s success – no distractions and with minimal turnaround time.


A Free Taste Of Our Expertise

You want your reliable dental lab to know exactly what you want and how you want it.

Diagnostic wax-ups are an invaluable tool to communicate and consider bite relations, occlusal schemes, vertical and horizontal planes. Our diagnostic wax-up is a communications catalyst - a blueprint for success and a powerful marketing tool for the doctor. You can use the model to aid in evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of occlusal problems and advise the laboratory of required changes.

Our dedicated team specializes in diagnostic case planning for full mouth reconstructions or cosmetic enhancements to evaluate and to help communicate what is needed for the doctor, patient, and laboratory.

*Diagnostic wax-ups are vitally important to achieve a predictable end result.

Full face, pre-operative smile. Note the incisal edge position and vertical midline required for a diagnostic waxing and useful for final fabrication. Center, left and right photos required.

Full Frontal Smile

Right Side Smile

Left Side Smile

Close-up shots of a high smile. Frontal, right and left.

Frontal High Smile Close-up

High Smile Close-up right side

High Smile Close-up left side

Retracted pre-operative. Frontal, lower, and upper.

Retracted Frontal

Open Mouth - Lower

Open Mouth - Upper

Bite - frontal, right, and left.

Retracted Frontal Bite

Retracted Right Bite

Retracted Left Bite

The stick bite photo is used to verify the accuracy or show discrepancies in the procedure. Take the photo from directly in front of the patient's face.

Shade tab photos are essential for accurate color communication.

With 25+ years of business experience, we're happy to share all of our expertise with you.


Work Ethic & Philosophy

We believe your success as a dentist is our success, and we walk the talk. 
All departments of our ceramic dental lab stand together to combine your specific vision and our expertise in aesthetics and function into one seamless work of art – one for the dental industry to admire.




‘‘As a dentist, I choose to work with Aesthetic Oral Arts for the quality of their work AND their excellence in aesthetics. I can count on their smile designs, tooth contour/anatomy, and artistic tooth shades to provide my patients with natural full arch smiles and single tooth restorations. Full mouth cases look natural and single tooth crowns (which can be even harder to match) look great too.’’

Dr. George Moore: Sedona, AZ


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